1st experimental middle school of Athens

The 1st Experimental High School is one of the 10 experimental middle schools of Greece, and is located in the historical center of Athens, in the zone of “Plaka”.  Being an experimental school has a permanent collaboration with the University of Athens. This collaboration includes cooperation in research projects, the University’s support for the implementation of innovative educational practices and providing practical training field for University students who intend to follow educational career. Moreover, the school runs after school clubs of interest and excellence.

It has a total of 25 teachers and 234 students aged 12 to 15. Students are separated into 9 classes (3 grades) of 26 students each. The students come mainly from the area of the center of Athens. Their socioeconomic origin is of middle and lower class. The school has established a series of procedures promoting the effort to build a modern educational institution, focused on providing high quality educational services.