2nd Scenario Somorrostro

Date: 01/22/2018 Category:

For the 2017-2018 school year Somorrostro decided to keep on working with Tecuni as both, the school and the company, found the previous year’s experience very satisfactory and very helpful for the students personal and labor growth.

The second scenario wanted to go an step further from the previous one by making students from different families, electricity and informatics in this case, work together in order to be able to give an answer to what the company was demanding. Tecuni asked the students from Somorrostro to create a smart grid system based on meteorological predictions.

The challenge Tecuni has presented this year to our students consists in developing an artificial intelligence system’s prototype for controlling the external illumination of a Smart City. The system is in charge of recording information from different parameters that could influence in the illumination control profiles generating a more adequate curve for each situation achieving a comfort state and a good energetic efficiency. This system enables the modification of the illumination profiles adapting them to each moment’s necessities, modifying the illumination curve on a daily basis.

The goals of this scenario are the energy saving and the efficiency on the one hand, and also, taking about transversal competences, to make the students realize about the importance that knowing to work with different teams will have in their future.