About the project

(DESCI) promotes alternating training paths based on the Living Lab approach, adopting participatory design methodologies, connecting School, Enterprise, Research and Territory.

The school has the potential to create a co-working space, an innovation laboratory  for the local community, for which the students, also guided by company tutors  and by researchers, can develop innovative products that will be socially, ecologically and economically sustainable.

 Desci arises from the need to address the problem of the  mismatch between education  and professional integration, to strengthen the links  between educational systems and the world of work, relating training programmes to the cultural, social and economic development of the territory.

A key issue is the teaching of innovation in its various facets and its vital connection, emphasized in many studies, to ethical, sociological and environmental aspects.

DESCI is funded  under the  Programme Erasmus Plus, Key Action  K2, by the National Agency INDIRE. The leader of the project is CNR-IRPPS, its partners are  Institutions belonging to the world of Research and Education from Italy, Greece and Spain.