Associazione Culturale formaScienza

FormaScienza is a non-profit association founded in 2005 with the aim to explore new methods to diffuse the scientific thinking as a part of people’s basic culture through action-research methodologies. FormaScienza is an interdisciplinary laboratory that operates through the establishment of networks and teams composed of experts from different fields (research, education, art, technology), for studying and improving the relationship between science and society. It provides a point of convergence for the needs of enterprise, Universities and research Centres, Local Authorities and the new generations of graduates, that demand increasing qualifications and specialisation from the education system.

FormaScienza has three areas of research-action: education, communication, art & science. It designs, tests on small- and large-scale, develops and implements innovative methodologies to teach and communicate science mainly based on inquiry-based methodologies and cooperative learning. Two practices developed by FormaScienza are case studies in European projects: Junior Science Café in Scicafè (7th Framework Program) and Science-Theatre Laboratories in CREAT-IT project (Lifelong Learning Programme).

Inside DESCI project, FormaScienza is mainly involved in the creation of tool-kit and guidelines for alternating training systems, both for students and teachers, and in testing them at school.

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