Assoknowledge was founded in 2003. It is the Italian Association for the Education and Knowledge of “Confindustria Innovative and Technological Services”, and represents both the Enterprise Training of Human Resources that both producers and users of knowledge.

Assoknowledge, being part of Confindustria, provides service to all its associates. From the very beginning, Assoknowledge’s role in Confindustria has been to represent Italian industries that deliver knowledge and educational services. In addition, Assoknowledge also represents industries that offer these services in the Research & Development and Human Resources sectors. It assist its members companies (as eg. Ferrero Group, Wolter Clouvers, Telecom, BTicino Legrand, Dallara, Engeneering, Illy, KPMG,CEB etc) in the relation to the world of knowledge production (schools, universities and research centers). This complex activity makes Assoknowledge the bridge that carries knowledge between the world most prestigious universities and its own companies, in order to face the challenges brought by an ever competitive business world.

The association’s main goal is to promote and sustain the economic growth and competitiveness of its industrial sectors in national and international markets. To this end, Assoknowledge represents and safeguards the technical, economic, social and cultural interests of its industrial sectors at the local, national and EU levels. In line with its role as a Confindustria Italian professional association, Assoknowledge’s main areas of activity are:

  • To represent member interests at the institutional and political level, and to safeguard free market competitiveness;
  • To support institutions as they develop industrial policies focused on a knowledge-based economy;
  • To focus on product and process innovation that uses know-how as a tool for market growth;
  • To foster communication as a strategic tool between suppliers of knowledge and end users;
  • To promote free market competitiveness within industry.
  • To disseminate research results to industrials
  • The development of skilled personnel

-Fostering integration and collaboration with universities and research centers.

-Fostering the transfer of know-how from large to small and medium-sized enterprises.

-Fostering the adoption of new Information and Communication Technologies in education processes.

-Fostering the adoption of education standards that are internationally accepted by industrial professionals

Assoknowledge is aware that it represents a strategic industrial sector which is crucial to the overall competitiveness of Italian industry. In the future, success will increasingly depend on continual investment in Know-How, research and development, and education. In fact, high quality Italian products, famous throughout the world have always been and continue to be the result of creativity, state-of-the-art technology and highly-qualified professionals. One of the major tasks ahead for the industries represented is to support Italian manufacturing so that it achieves a global leading role in value creation. This has to be done by regarding end-users’ needs as priority targets and by using information and communication technologies as innovative tools.

Inside DESCI project, Assoknowledge is mainly involved in the creation of tool-kit evaluation and guidelines for alternating training systems, both for tutor and teacher, and in testing them at school.