Centro de Formación Somorrostro

Centro de Formación Somorrostro (Somorrostro) is a Vocational education training centre, created in 1947, and provides secondary education, 3 levels of Vocational Education and Training -initial, intermediate and higher VET, continuous VET (adult education, and education and training for unemployed persons). The center offers a wide range of qualifications in the following fields: Machine Technique; Industrial Maintenance, Repair and Operations; Automotive Maintenance; Electricity and Electronics; Information Technology; Safety and Environment; Construction and Civil engineering; Social services to the Community; Management and Marketing.

Nowadays, Somorrostro has more than 4.000 students and employs around 190 professionals being the largest VET organisation in the province of Bizkaia and the second in the Region of the Basque Country. The centre occupies an area of 60.000 square meters, comprising 9 buildings being 8.210 square meters dedicated to specific workshops and laboratories. We are also the main labour driver in our area of influence with 1.000 job offers managed in 2014.

Our students are divided as follows:



  • Secondary Education
  • Initial VET (ISCED 3)
  • Intermediate VET (ISCED 3B)
  • Tertiary Education: Higher VET (ISCED 5B)


Non formal training-

Continuous VET

  • Professional certifications-VET
  • In company demand training actions
  • Training for unemployed persons/retraining

Somorrostro’s role in the DESCI european project is the one of putting into practice the DESCI methodology and the testing of the different deliverables created among the project. We have already presented two challenges to our students and their role is to find a solution to them by using the DESCI methodology.