Educational Resources

DESCI has developed toolkits for teachers, students and tutors to provide support during the alternating training experience, specifically:

  • 1 toolkit for teachers
  • 1 toolkit for students
  • 1 toolkit for the evaluation of the skills

The three products are meant as Manuals/Guidelines for the presentation of methodologies, operational tools and suggestions aimed to support students and teachers, during the alternating training  experience,  in technological study areas.

The toolkits, therefore, PREPARE (the teachers), INSPIRE AND MOTIVATE (the students), SUPPORT  (all the actors in their operational work), EVALUATE  (the activities carried out).


Teacher’s toolkit Students’ toolkit Evaluation toolkit



One of the main objectives of the DESCI project is the development of scenrios and the projection of best practices to enable teachers and trainers to apply the alternating training and Living Lab approach. In these scenarios schools are involved in the problems of the local community delivering innovative solutions to respond to its needs and aspiration

Implemented scenarios