Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico ENRICO FERMI

I T.T “E.FERMI” is a Technical-Technological Institute located in Frascati , Rome with a catchment area of 1000 students. The school offers  3 specializations: Electronics, Computing  and Biotechnology for the Environment.

Alternating training in Italy has been made mandatory with Lex 13th  July 2015, no. 107 which defines the minimum hour amount total (400 hours in technical and vocational institutes and 200 hours in high schools) to be be included in the three-year plan of educational offer; before the enforcement of the law we tried to bridge the gap between education and the world of work  through  training placements although only a few selected students could take advantage of them as very few enterprises showed interest.

The role of Fermi in the DESCI project is the experimentation of the DESCI approach, through the Living Lab methodology, in 3 classes of Electronics and Computing with the aim of becoming a reference for the local area supporting the creation of schools – enterprises.

Since the beginning of the project , thanks to our participation in the Erasmus+ Project and other well-established activities,  we have received extra funding that has enabled us to extend the methodology to further scenarios such as the website ANGEL, an APP and a  SMART CITY.