The P4G second interim meeting, Athens, 19-20 January 2016

P1000146The P4G second interim meeting was held at Athens, Greece on 19-20 January 2016, at the premises of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA)/ Educational Technology Lab. The meeting was organized by the Greek P4G partners, NKUA and Science View. It was attended by all members of the Consortium, as well as the P4G external evaluator, Anne-Christine Tannhauser (via Skype).

The meeting provided an opportunity to the partners of the consortium to summarize what has been done in the first 16 months of the project and to reflect on the connection and relation between the outputs. All partners worked together in order to set up and organize what we are expected to do in the second part of the project.

Prior to arriving in Athens, partners were provided with an agenda of the meeting, and information with directions to the University, accommodation and the restaurant for the welcome dinner which took place on Tuesday 19 January at Plaka.

On the first day of the meeting, after a warm welcome from Professor Chronis Kynigos from NKUA, Stefano Menon welcomed everyone to the meeting. First day discussions were focused on what was done in the first 16 months of the project and what it’s expected to be done in the second part of the project. In addition partners shared previous experiences on realized national conferences and defined in detail the coming conferences for each country. Furthermore, the P4G Business Game was thoroughly analyzed, while players, post graduate students of NKUA described their finding after playing the game numerous times. Partners also discussed about the BG assessment, the Pilots and the Scenarios, the Toolkit and the P4G Educational Platform.

Day two kicked off with presentations on Project Management and the production of outputs. Presentations that followed included that of the internal review of the quality of the project in terms of processes and outputs/outcomes; the External Evaluator, whose role as ‘critical friend’ is to assist the partnership in producing quality outputs and improve organisational collaboration; Adminministration and finance of Play4Guidance; Exploitation and dissemination and final conclusions.

The second interim meeting in Athens was very productive and successful and provided participants with a clear idea of the project’s progress during the second reporting period, as well as definitive courses of action for moving the project forward into the next phase.


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